Demountable Partitions


 Privacy Wall and Glass Selections are high performance, moveable walls that give you the flexibility and modularity to accommodate today’s needs, while also planning for the future. 


 Lite Scale Glazing is a ½” glass solution with a minimalist recessive design meant to integrate with our other modular wall systems along with traditional construction. 


 MIMO is a highly versatile and customizable demountable wall system thanks to its unique modular design, and therefore lends itself perfectly to your specific requirements. 


 FINO by Muraflex is an elegant and sophisticated office partition system whose design was inspired by the word FINO itself, which means thin in Italian. With its narrow profiles and its carefully-engineered concealed hardware, FINO allows for a maximum glazed surface, which contributes to an optimal working environment. 


Carvart offers multiple options for office front partitions. These include GlassWALLS Slim, Simple, Simple Double and Warehouse.

Solid Wall partitions


  V.I.A. is Vertical Intelligent Architecture that not only defines space but redefines the role vertical real estate plays in today's workplace.  


  Engineered in collaboration with Mangini International, PLANIKA demising partitions are designed with the aim of obtaining technological performance and elevated acoustical properties.  

Operable partitions

Telescoping Partition


   With EXPO, your options will multiply. Exponentially. EXPO makes your space possible. It’s a telescoping wall system that allows you to use what you have to create what you want. Open space. Private rooms. Natural light. Soundproof privacy. Whatever you have in mind.   

Glass Stack & Glass Fold Wall


 Available in framed and unframed, glassSTACKWALL and glassFOLDWALL are movable wall products. Both are designed to custom fit to any space and easily operate.  

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Hufcor offers a variety of operable partitions and glass walls. Commonly referred to as Airwalls and manufactured in the USA Hufcor has a reputation for top-notch quality products. 

Glass Folding Wall


  PK-30 is expertly designed to be attractive, yet cost-effective way to separate interior space.  The glass is both durable and lightweight.  

Living Walls: Sagegreenlife


 Verdanta Flourish allows you to make a statement and to energize your space. The modular design allows you to chose the perfect size, beauty, and wellness to your space. This versatile living wall system sets up in a snap and offers the flexibility to be moved . 


 Modern design with strict attention to detail. Duet double sided living partitions bring beauty, wellness and work wherever you please. 


 Combine the power of work and wellness with the Productivity model which includes a high-quality work surface on one side and nature on the other. 

SAGEGREENLIFE: Custom process